Magic Mushrooms Sound Effects Packshot by 8UP

The audio demo above only uses sound effects from this pack. No games were sampled.

Magic Mushrooms: SFX

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This is a free collection of 8-bit sound effect samples like the ones you know and love: coins, jumps, power ups (and downs), stomps, kicks, bricks, fireballs, vines, flagpoles, pauses, and of course, 1UP samples.

Each sound effect has a selection of variation samples that provide alternative sounds but are similar in character and function.

This free sound pack contains:

  • 97 8-Bit Sound Effect Samples
  • 1 SFX Patch for Native Instruments Kontakt, Ableton Live, Maschine, Logic Pro EXS24/Sampler, FL Studio, MPC Expansion Pack, and TAL-Sampler
  • 24-bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files
  • 17 MB

You can download this free 8-bit sample pack by adding it to your cart and checking out.

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The audio demo above only uses sound effects from this pack. No games were sampled.

Many of these sound effects use a simple pitch bend function to serve their purpose, such as the jump, bump and fall samples. Several others use high pitched single note mini-melodies, like the coin, pause and 1UP samples. Sound effects like the power up, pipe & vine use very fast arpeggios, while other sounds like the brick smash, boss fire & bridge mostly use noise synthesis.

Instrument Patches:

  • 1 8-Bit Sound Effect Instrument Patch

Sample List:

  • 6 1UPs
  • 6 Coins
  • 4 Deaths
  • 4 Power Ups
  • 7 Power Downs
  • 12 Jumps
  • 11 Stomps & Kicks
  • 4 Fireballs
  • 5 Fireworks
  • 4 Fire Breaths
  • 4 Brick Smashes
  • 3 Bumps
  • 4 Falls
  • 4 Flagpoles
  • 4 Bridges
  • 9 Item Appears
  • 6 Pauses

Instrument Formats & Required Software:

  • Kontakt Instrument Patches (.nki), Kontakt 4+
  • Maschine Expansion Pack (.mxsnd), Maschine 2+
  • Ableton Live Pack (.adv), Live 9+
  • FL Studio DirectWave Patches (.dwp), FL Studio 12+
  • MPC Expansion Pack (.xpn), MPC Software or MPC Beats
  • EXS24/Sampler Instrument Patches (.exs), Logic Pro 9+
  • TAL Instrument Patches (.talsmpl), TAL Sampler 3+
  • Single WAV files (.wav), usable in any DAW or audio software

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