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The audio demo above only uses drum kits from this pack. No MIDI patterns are included, and no games were sampled.

8-Bit Drum Kits 2

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8-Bit Drum Kits 2 supplies you with another large assortment of retro drum kits. The kits in this pack are genuine reproductions of 8-bit drums from classic video game music with an extensive drum sample library of kicks, snares, toms, hihats, percussion and cymbals, ideal for chiptune and music with a retro twist.

The kits in this second edition use a combination of the pulse/square wave and different types of noise to create the drum sounds. This sound was used a lot in earlier games, but also in many indie games that wanted to use more creative tonal and amplitude parameters than the triangle wave could provide.

This pack contains:

  • 61 8-Bit Drum Kits
  • 976 8-Bit Drum Samples (Kick, Snare, Hihat, Tom, Cymbal, Shaker & Percussion)
  • 61 Drum Kit Patches for Native Instruments Maschine, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Battery, Kontakt, MPC Software, Logic Pro EXS24/Sampler, and TAL-Sampler
  • 24-bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files
  • 70 MB

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The audio demo above only uses drum kits from this pack. No MIDI patterns are included, and no games were sampled.

In the early days of drum sounds for the original sound chip, many of the games just used the noise track to simulate very basic kick, snare and hihat sounds. Others used the pulse waves in combination with the noise track for basic "bleepy" sounding drums, with the noise usually acting as the transient sound and the pulse wave pitch bending downwards for the tonal component. In this case, the kick, snare and tom sounds would all be similar sounding, with the pitch being the main difference among them. The triangle track was usually reserved for the bass instrument in the music, and it was only later that more and more sound designers were using it to provide the tonal component for the drum sounds (see the complementary pack, 8-Bit Drum Kits).

Later, however, the limits of the triangle wave track, being that it was only one volume level and had no waveform options, became a hindrance for more creative drum sounds. So sound designers went back to the pulse waves, where more sound and volume variations were possible, and combined them with inventive uses of the noise channel, using both pseudo-white and periodic noise at various frequencies and intensities. Both the basic types and the creative types of kits mentioned above are included with this drum kit library.

All of the drum kits have the same drum mapping, with a minimum of two kick drums, three snare drums, four toms, closed and open hihats, one crash cymbal, and additional sounds to make a 16 sample drum kit. The Ableton Live kits conform to the General MIDI drum mapping to match Ableton's other drum kit instruments, while all other formats adhere to the standard "finger drumming" layout of 16-pad interfaces.

Drum kit formatting provided by Uppercussion.

Instrument Patches:

  • 61 8-Bit Drum Kit Patches

Sample List:

  • 181 Kick Drums
  • 273 Snare Drums
  • 188 Closed & Open Hihats
  • 246 Toms
  • 62 Crash Cymbals
  • 19 Percussion
  • 7 Shakers

Instrument Formats & Required Software:

  • Maschine Expansion Pack (.mxsnd), Maschine 2+
  • Ableton Live Pack (.adv), Live 9+
  • FL Studio FPC Patches (.fst), FL Studio 20+
  • MPC Expansion Pack (.xpn), MPC Software or MPC Beats
  • Battery Kit Patches (.kt3 & .nbkt), Battery 3+
  • Kontakt Instrument Patches (.nki), Kontakt 4+
  • EXS24/Sampler Instrument Patches (.exs), Logic Pro 9+
  • TAL Instrument Patches (.talsmpl), TAL Sampler 3+
  • Single WAV files (.wav), usable in any DAW or audio software

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