Magic Mushrooms 3 Sound Effects Packshot by 8UP

The audio demo above only uses sound effects from this pack. No games were sampled.

Magic Mushrooms 3: SFX

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This 8-bit sound effects pack naturally has your standard jumps, coins, fireballs, power ups, pipes, pauses and 1UPs, but with the third SFX pack in this series you also get cannon fire, tail whips, skids, stage selects, suit transformations, and lots of extra blip sounds like map movement, running, item & inventory sounds.

Each sound effect has a selection of variation samples that provide alternative sounds but are similar in character and function.

This pack contains:

  • 100 8-Bit Sound Effect Samples
  • 1 SFX Patch for Native Instruments Kontakt, Ableton Live, Maschine, Logic Pro EXS24/Sampler, FL Studio, MPC Expansion Pack, and TAL-Sampler
  • 24-bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files
  • 17 MB

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The audio demo above only uses sound effects from this pack. No games were sampled.

As with the first SFX pack of this series, these sound effects rely on a lot of pitch bending, noise synthesis and fast arpeggios. Some of the newer sound effect types use simple scaled or intervaled notes in succession, often in a major key and with a constant note duration. Other new effects use quick changes in noise types for a short fast motion type of sound.

Instrument Patches:

  • 1 8-Bit Sound Effect Instrument Patch

Sample List:

  • 4 1UPs
  • 4 Deaths
  • 4 Power Ups
  • 4 Power Downs
  • 3 Coins
  • 6 Stomps & Kicks
  • 6 Fireballs
  • 5 Cannons
  • 8 Jumps
  • 3 Bumps
  • 3 Footsteps
  • 2 Brick Smashes
  • 7 Get Items
  • 6 Stage Selects
  • 5 Stage Cleared
  • 12 Map Moves
  • 3 Pauses
  • 3 Menu Sounds
  • 2 Text Sounds
  • 10 Movement Sounds

Instrument Formats & Required Software:

  • Kontakt Instrument Patches (.nki), Kontakt 4+
  • Maschine Expansion Pack (.mxsnd), Maschine 2+
  • Ableton Live Pack (.adv), Live 9+
  • FL Studio DirectWave Patches (.dwp), FL Studio 12+
  • MPC Expansion Pack (.xpn), MPC Software or MPC Beats
  • EXS24/Sampler Instrument Patches (.exs), Logic Pro 9+
  • TAL Instrument Patches (.talsmpl), TAL Sampler 3+
  • Single WAV files (.wav), usable in any DAW or audio software