8-Bit Blips Packshot by 8UP

8-Bit Blips

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This is an assortment of short simple 8-bit beep, blip, blop, and zap samples.

The samples are separated into six sound categories:

  • Arpeggiated: Short fast arpeggio sounds (key labeled)
  • Zaps: Quick laser-type frequency sweeps
  • Beeps: Digital interface type sounds
  • Blips Up: Blips that go upward in frequency
  • Blips Down: Blips that go downward in frequency
  • Blips Misc: Various unique blips and blops

This pack contains:

  • 100 8-Bit Blip Samples (Arpeggiated, Zaps, Beeps, Blips Up, Blips Down & Blips Misc)
  • 1 SFX Patch for Native Instruments Kontakt, Ableton Live, Maschine, Logic Pro EXS24/Sampler, FL Studio, MPC Expansion Pack, and TAL-Sampler
  • 24-bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files
The audio demo above only uses sound effects from this pack and is for the sole purpose of demonstrating the capabilities of the sounds. All sounds were created from scratch, no games were sampled.

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